My adventures interning at a zoo

continentalexplorer asked:

Hey, I find your blog interesting. Are you still interning at the zoo?

unfortunately no :( only last summer. however if you have any questions about my animal experiences, I would be happy to tell you more about my adventures :)

Red River Hog poop

The ‘piggies’ are quite funny actually and have definitely grown on me the more I’ve worked with them. They definitely love their food and won’t let you by them at the gate until they see their bucket of goodies and then they will merrily follow you to their feeding dish lol. I’m also convinced that like dogs they wag their tails when they are happy as they do so much more when they see us arrive and when they are eating—some of their favorite things. Their behavior in general is fun to watch as well. Like you would expect for pigs they do love their mud! and they love rooting around in the dirt. Yesterday me and the area keeper (I always seem to have to shovel something when I work with her—its become something of a joke between us) dug dirt from areas in the back of their enclosure to fill in giant mud holes around their pool they have created (we’re fine with mud but the location of the mega puddles is far from ideal). They have an entertaining time watching us do this repeatedly in the over 100 degree heat and then played in the new holes. I will miss the piggies and their antics a lot :(

River Otter poop

I absolutely love the otters at the zoo! They just have such personality and its always fun to feed them! In the morning we feed them in their den but in the afternoon we toss them fish in their enclosure—which is especially fun for guests to watch if they are in that area :) but the otters really have a ball, they see us coming at mealtime and all run to the area they know we’ll toss them from! Just  some cute critters!

Rooster poop

So the zoo has a variety of different chickens/roosters in a barnyard enclosure, one of which is a very unassuming white rooster. However, Im convinced this bird is narcoleptic and im definitely not the only one whos noticed his crazy and random sleeping so im not nuts to suggest this! But its the strangest thing…he’ll just suddenly fall asleep like every so often throughout the day in completely random positions—sprawled out on a log with one foot in the air, leaning against a tree, bent over in his feed bowl, etc. Im waiting for a zoo visitor to comment on this or ask if he’s dead but so far no one outside of the keepers has noticed! but it certainly makes this batch of ‘normal’ animals a bit more interesting! 

Squirrel Monkey poop

I actually like these guys, even though Im generally not that partial to monkeys. they are somewhat friendly and will sometimes jump on my back when i go to put in their food :) They wont let me pet them though, even though they look like they would be super soft! 

Yellow Backed Duiker poop

Had some fun with these guys yesterday! For an enrichment we got one of those dog safe hollow balls (like a durable version of this) 

and put bananas wrapped in lettuce in most of the holes so that they were all pretty wedged in there. the duikers proceeded to roll and toss it around to get all their yummies—they LOVE bananas. It was really fun watching them play and the zoo visitors who walked by seemed to get a kick out of it as well! Also, it seems every time I work in this area I end up shoveling lol! me and the keeper basically loaded her cart with dirt and we filled in some areas which were extremely muddy or had a lot of exposed roots. The latter was the case with the duiker yard—they always poop in the same corner with all the roots, and given that their feces are small (and look exactly like raisinettes) they are somewhat difficult to scoop in these crevices. Alls well now and I certainly felt productive!

Beaver poop

Fed in the local habitat area again today. Normally the beaver we have spends most of the day hidden under the deck/walkway where he made himself a little dam/nest. However, in feeding him this afternoon I got to see him actually come out and socialize a bit to get his food :) He may be shy but he’s a sweetheart and let me pet him a little when he was eating <3 Ive decided I want one to keep and love forever, and that ill just never be able to have wooden furniture lol

No special shenanigans today! Just wanted to give a special shout-out to all the awesome and hardworking people Ive been able to work with :D

No special shenanigans today! Just wanted to give a special shout-out to all the awesome and hardworking people Ive been able to work with :D

Cougar poop

Today was a fairly interesting day! Helped feed etc in the cat area which I greatly enjoy given my fondness for the kitties <3 Both the cougars at the zoo were actually animals which had been being kept as pets (illegally) so they are somewhat friendly which is neat. And unlike some of the other big kitties they are pretty good at making appearances to the public and often walk right towards the front of their enclosure. They will also meow at us when they see us coming with food just like a house cat will which is hilarious. Also helped clean out the black bear moat which was a pretty big job and kinda interesting. gave the male (much friendlier of the set) a little bit of a back scratch while he was in his holding den as he was trying to scratch himself by rubbing against the fencing—so thats another thing i can check off my to-do list lol. But i like him alot. he’s a big love, although like the cougars still not something im going to go in and cuddle with!!!

Wood Duck poop

Helped clean out the main duck pond with the keeper of that area yesterday. Ive kinda been in love with the wood ducks already from working with them in the local habitat section of the zoo, but seeing the ones in the pond up front with their babies seals the deal <3 Kinda exhausting spraying and squeegeeing a whole lil pond thing—also wet but its been raining all week and i was already kind of soaked!—but it looks nice and mud free (for now until i help clean it again next week lol). Also fun fact—i dont know where all the male wood ducks are at the zoo (there must be some since theres babies) but i had no idea they were so delightful/freaky looking until i went to find pics online! but seriously? how can you not love these dudes—they have adorable little mohawks!